Glass houses

LG uses video magic to create a home for its newest tech.

This one is for the video nerds. A new LG ad from Redlab and Shooters Film is, ostensibly, promoting the company’s high-definition OLED TV, with a house full of beautiful and fashionable people using the LG fridge, smartphone, washer and dryer. But while we’re speaking about integrating cool tech, what’s most impressive about this one is the work that went on behind the scenes. The actors and the products they use were shot with the drool-worthy Red Epic Dragon camera on a handheld mount to create that seamless point-of-view look. What’s more is that the entire set is on a blue screen, with the glass house being built from scratch in post.


Brand: LG
Production Company: Shooters Film
Post-production: Redlab
Director: Larry Shanet
Executive Producer: Pamela McNamara
Animation Director: Noah Conti
VFX Director: Farhad Hosseinpouri
Flame Artist: Andy Hunter
Colourist: Andrew Exworth
DOP: Vinit Borrison
Executive Producer: Laurie Kerr-Jones
Producer: Jodie Moore
Editor: Kurt Ritchie