Who thinks "Canada's Boyfriend" should have his own eau de parfum?

stromb'eauGeorge Stroumboulopoulos: it may not be obvious at first, but the man was born with a name made for perfume branding. “Stromb’eau” — how did we not see the pun before? A Toronto agency by the name of Blade Creative Branding sure did, and now it’s trying to get the country to vote to have the suave television personality launch his own fragrance, just in time for the holidays (maybe). “We think Canada’s Boyfriend is quickly becoming a national treasure who deserves his very own signature scent. What do you think?” asks a website poll. At the time of writing, 66% were in favour of one day being able to spritz themselves with George’s scent. The inspiration behind the scent? His obsession with hockey, of course. We’re all for the cologne, as long as there’s no experimenting with fragrances from the hockey locker room.