Match Made in HEL

Pro skateboarders take over Helsiniki Airport.

If you’re a veteran player of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series of video games as this Stim writer is, you know that the game’s airports, with its inexplicably abandoned ramps and dozens of handrails, make for the best locations. If you’re actually a skateboarder (which I am not) you know that those opportunities almost never come about in real life. But for one weekend, Finnish skateboarder Arto Saari took over Helsinki Airport for a Match Made in HEL, a project sponsored by the airport and Finnair. Saari flew skateboarder friends and a handful of online contest winners from around the world to the city where, as Finnair says, “East meets West.” He then shot photos that were shared through social media, as well as videos that are now available on the Match Made in HEL microsite. It’s a little heartwarming to see that some of those ramps actually exist in real life.


Brand: Finnair / Helsinki Airport
Agency: SEK & Grey Helsinki
Project Director: Karla Martinez Majander
Creative Director: Jari Ullakko
Senior Creative: Suvi Lähde
Art Director: Joni Furstenborg
Additional credits: Roope Nevander
Event / Film Production: Pablo Films
Director / Editor: Jukka Metsäaho
Producers: Henri Ollinkari, Jyri Paajamaa
DOP: Kim Koponen
Photo Producer: Pekka Sauro
Photographer: Arto Saari
Sound Designer: Totte Rautiainen