Wet winners

Splashdown soaks would-be visitors for tickets.

Recently, Splashdown Waterpark put 300 tickets around the Greater Vancouver Area, free to the first person to grab them. They weren’t exactly hard to track down, as Vancouverites could look up ticket locations on a special microsite if they hadn’t already noticed the bright yellow signs agency partner Rethink had set up around town. So what was the challenge? Would-be winners had to get wet for their ticket, be it diving into a tub of water, navigating a series of sprinklers or trekking to the centre of a public fountain. If anything, it reminds our chilled bones of the days before winter started, when something like this wouldn’t result in instant hypothermia.


Brand: Splashdown Waterpark
Agency: Rethink Canada
Creative Directors: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Leia Rogers
Copywriter: Bob Simpson
Editor / Producer: Megan Bodaly
Print Producer: Scott Russell
Account Services: Rachael Sawer, Marjo Durand
Content Strategist: Leah Gregg