Don’t hold back

'Tis the year for brutal honesty, says Uppercut, Fairgoods and BlackJet.

Apparently the holidays are a time for speaking your truth. No more sugar-coating things. That’s why gifts were invented: to soften the blow. Uppercut (a creative agency) and Fairgoods (a handcrafted accessories, apparel and home furnishing store) came together to create the ultimate Christmas card generator. Their website spits out 11 very brutally honest greeting cards, like “Walking around holding mistletoe over your head isn’t going to get you a girlfriend,” for people to send to their loved ones.

honesty cardsAnd then there’s BlackJet, an agency that’s encouraging people to be fearless and use some rather forthright stickers on this year’s gifts to mom, dad, the siblings and spouse. Because who hasn’t wanted to adorn their gifts with greetings like, “To my brother, who smells” and “To someone whose #hashtagging is #outofcontrol”? Hey, like they say, what doesn’t kill your relationship, will only make you stronger after the beating that will likely follow.

Photo courtesy of Emily Wexler