Nosegrind this

Juniper Park gives the gift of ____.
Skateboard Juniper Park

Agency peeps have come a long way from gifting cliché branded pens, water bottles and USBs (there comes a point where you run out of physical storage for virtual storage devices). But if there’s one agency that knows how to avoid putting clients and agency partners to sleep with drab gifts, it’s Juniper Park. In past years, the shop has given out JP embroidered Roots hoodies, Moleskin books and even Lego kits. And this year, the shop has outdone itself with three custom made skateboard decks. They’re not just ordinary take-me-for-a-ride boards, they’re meant to be sources of inspiration, with the whiteboard underside bearing copy that reads, “What matters is ___, not ___.” and other equally amusing things. They also come with nifty erasable markers for recipients to fill in the blanks (with SFW material, we imagine).