A more rugged Santa

MEC gets a different Nick to be your gift expert.

For it’s holiday envoy, outdoor goods retailer MEC has enlisted the help of a guy named Nick, who’s an expert in gift giving. No, he’s not the man you’re thinking of. In addition to creating a video with agency Wasserman + Partners of the super-rugged pseudo-Santa doing what he does best, the store has also set up an #AskNickMEC hashtag that people can use to ask for suggestions on Twitter. And there’s a contest on Instagram where consumers can win the perfect gift by taking a photo of it inside an MEC store and via severalĀ online gift guides curated by Nick based on someone’s interests. And don’t tell us he doesn’t write the guides himself, our hearts can’t take finding out that’s actually our parents, too.


Brand: MEC
Agency: Wasserman + Partners Advertising