Tunnel vision

Pepsi opens a "time portal" in front of shocked Londoners.

How do you convince cola drinkers that your product is on the cutting edge? Use some sci-fi tech, of course! For Pepsi Max, BBDO outfitted a London side street with a hologram projector and waited until nightfall. Every time someone tried to take a shortcut through the tunnel, the light would flicker off and the projection would jump to life, opening a time portal with an angry dinosaur from the past, soldiers from the future or a vehicular time machine (it, sadly, wasn’t a DeLorean). It’s a far cooler blast from the past than creating another new flavour variant (so ’90s, right?).


Brand: Pepsi
Agency: AMV BBDO London
Copywriter: Richard Peretti
Art Director: Gary Lathwell
Agency Planner: Peter Zezulka
Agency Account Man: Clive Tanqueray, James Walker-Smith, Kristiana Grant, Ned Paterson
TV Producer: Christina Hermann
Digital Producer: Ian Whittle
Media Agency: OMD
Media Planners: Isobel Dracup, Ann-Marie Loughney
Production Company: HSI /Grand Visual
Director: Mike Simpson
Post-production Company: Big Buoy
Audio Post-production: Big Buoy
Communications Agency: freuds