Give the little tyke in your life a lesson in coding before it's too late.

210f0451e5e04be99ee887035d45edc5_largeThe fact that coding wasn’t given as much importance when I was in school as wood shop was, for example, may have left me lacking a few key skills I need for the world we live in today. Since this is the time when, lets face it, getting kids that perfect gift is most important, why not use the chance to give the little tyke in your life a leg up for the job market of the future?

Bitsbox¬†gives kids as young as seven the coding experience they need by sending programming tasks by mail every month. They include instructions on how to create easily-customizable game apps for phones and tablets. Taking a queue from educational toys of the past, it is all wrapped up in a bright, cartooney packaging and makes it easy for kids to use the apps they create, keeping boredom away as long as possible. The project has just passed the halfway mark of its funding goal on Kickstarter, but if you’re desperate to give this to a would-be tiny developer in your life this year, don’t worry. Pledge at the $90 and $150 level before Dec. 15 and you’ll get a special stocking-stuffer with four exclusive app tasks and a card promising that more is on the way.