Smart scribbles

Bring real-world sketches to life in the digital realm.

The ease of sketching the old-fashioned way meets today’s tech with the iSketchnote - a system that digitizes whatever creativity comes to life through the genius movements of your hand (ie: the brilliant logo idea that strikes you while on the subway or the oh-so-realistic cartoon you draw of your boss during a meeting).

A piece, called the Slate, is placed under a sheet of paper or a notebook to capture the image or scribblings drawn with a magnetized pen and transmits it to your laptop (or use it with your iPad in a handy cover for real-time digitization). The iSketchnote app allows users to edit and save their creations. And for those who fear a bulky, unpleasant experience, the lightweight pens and Slate device are touted to maintain the sensation of drawing on paper. Sounds like a good choice for the old-fashioned designer on your Christmas list (although it might be an IOU… right now, the company is accepting pre-orders for 2015 shipping).

Via H/t Gizmag