Holy Christmas customs!

Lg2 gets testy with a docu-challenge about holiday traditions.

lg2 holidays 2Quick, who was the first person to dress a tree in tinsel? Still thinking? It’s not easy for most to answer a question of customs that relate to so many of us. It’s a little sad, actually, but Lg2 isn’t one to dwell on our generation’s forgetfulness, so it’s produced a documentary/quiz that entertainingly takes a stab at answering the questions that so few have answers to. They filmed four short docs that give a fly-on-the-wall view of Quebec’s elders wrapping presents, eating tourtiere (a French-Canadian meat pie), decorating a tree and reminiscing about the days of La Guignolee (an annual food drive for the poor), while debating the origins of these four traditions. Even though the truth is revealed at the end of each video, perhaps some of the subjects would rather agree to disagree.