Avoid a driving tragedy

A gamified safety lesson from Coalition for Safer 63 and 881.


With Alberta’s oil industry booming, Highways 63 and 881 have become busy routes over the last decade for those heading to and from the fields. As a result, there have been 183 fatalities and hundreds more vehicle-related injuries since 2003. As a way to drive home the reality of these tragedies and provide tips on how to prevent more from happening, DDB’s Edmonton office created a gamified map for road safety organization Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881. As the user picks up kilometres on the virtual road, a counter displays a new body every time they drive past a site of an accident that has happened in the last 10 years, with pop-ups describing the details of the crash. The map also provides safety tips as hazards appear, leading to what will hopefully be a time when drivers don’t need to be reminded that texting while driving and not being aware of wildlife can be fatal mistakes.


Brand: Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881
Agency: DDB Canada Edmonton