Need a gift hint?

Cadillac Fairview helps get the point across.


We’re running low on holiday shopping days, and perhaps you’re concerned that your loved ones might not have clued in to all those hints you’ve been dropping. For those of us who want to drive it home a bit more, Traffik has created the Holiday Hinter website for Cadillac Fairview’s roster of shopping centres. Just pick a holiday song, enter your name and your must-have gift, pick a retailer it can be found and the site will (ever so subtly) work a hint into the lyrics (you can check out what thisĀ Stim writer will be sending his family here). For those of us in the still-need-to-buy-and-desperately-need-help camp, the site also lets you browse for the perfect gift based on your loved one’s personality and the mall closest to you.


Brand: Cadillac Fairview
Agency: Traffik, Toronto
Executive Creative Directors: Cam Boyd, Troy McGuinness
Art Director: Phil Smith
Copywriter: Sarah Deziel
Account Manager: Marija Kiric
Producer: Justin Reiter, Nhi Tran
Front End/Back End Developer: Bandada, oddcast
Designer: Ryan Hryciuk
Sound Studio: Grayson Matthews
Sound Engineer: Dave Sorbara