Bimm finds the perfect thing for the person who has everything.

screen shot 2014-12-17 at 4.06.12 pmEvery year we say it, and every year it’s as if we fall victim to amnesia. We forget that shopping for gifts is a chore. You set out with high hopes of finding the perfect, tailored gift for each of your loved ones, and then poof! — there’s goes the pre-holiday-rush window and you’re left scrambling to find something, anything, to put under the tree.

If only there was a magic button that did all the work…

Well, there is now! Bimm, a direct mail and digital shop, has taken the frustration out of gift selection with its “Giftalyzer.” The handy tool lives online and has two simple tasks for its visitors: answer a handful of questions about the gift recipient (or even you) to help it pull up a couple suggestions, and then click “buy” on said tips that promise to make someone’s day. Imagine gifting dad with a set of Handerpants, or your little sister with a pair of doll parts earrings? Never again will you have take the saying “Aah, you shouldn’t have!” seriously again.