Ginger-ad men

Cundari mocks itself for the joy of others.

cundari holidays

The gingerbread man hasn’t really reinvented himself in…who knows how long? He hasn’t gained or lost weight, detoured from the bald head or even thrown on an outfit that goes beyond the buttons, socks and mittens. Cundari, it seems, has taken it upon itself to reimagine the traditional Christmas cookie, and while they’re at it, make fun of its staffers. Gingerbread men are now interns who bend over backward, accounts people who are missing a kidney and maybe a few ribs, while the creative director dons a mighty large, um, head. The shop has sent them out to clients and partners in a game of collect ‘em all. We’re particularly enthused by the headless producer. Finally, an excuse for taking a chunk out of someone else’s cookie. It was gone before we even got there.