Grayson Matthews sings a ballad for the Man-Elf On A Shelf.

Who thought a jingle about a man-elf that likes to sit on a shelf (yes, you heard right) and bug people with his rude, creepy giganticness, be so addictively catchy? The folks over at Grayson Matthews crafted this festive song for the enjoyment of those who grew up with, and have forever been taunted by, the classic Elf on a Shelf. The video is proof that they have their own man-sized elf (No kidding. The “elf” is Liam Gadsby, a 6’7″ friend of the team and a bloody good sport for allowing his clenched butt in an adult onesie to be publicized).

MELF: Liam Gadsby
Creative Directors: Jono Holmes & Bridget Flynn
Director/DOP: Sean Anicic
Editor: Chris Van Dyke
Music: Grayson Matthews Collective (Dave Sorbara, Tom Westin, Rob Melamed, Andrew Austin, Igor Correia, Emery Taylor, Jeff Milutinovic and Mark Domitric)
Vocals: Sam Moffatt
Producers: Bridget Flynn & Kelly McCluskey
Sound Engineer & Location Recordist: Ross Gillard