Doing nothing

Together Against Bullying shows how easy it is to step in.

You wouldn’t stand by and watch while a friend is choking, would you? Or while your hungry pet begs for food? Or when a tree is about to fall on a unicorn? So why do we do it when we see someone being bullied? In a series of animated videos geared towards young Facebook users, cartoon characters in precarious yet easily resolved situations meet their doom while another simply does nothing to stop it, with the spot claiming that stopping bullying is just as easy. The French version of the campaign by Quebec City-based agency Brad was launched in the fall and has now been adapted for English audiences. The cartoons are cute and a little bit off-beat (evoking Don Hertzfeldt’s mix of silliness and morbidity) but the message is clear, if not blunt: the worst thing you can do is nothing.


Brand: Ensemble contre l’intimidation/Together Against Bullying
Agency: Brad
Creative Director: Yvan Cote
Art Director: Jasmin Brochu, Yvan Cote
Copywriters: Stephane Veilleux, Philippe Coulombe
Illustrator: Daniel Boulanger
Account Service: Dany Renauld, Karine Blouin, Marie-Pierre Levesque
Agency Producers: Stephanie Beaudin, Linda Leroux
Production Company: Nova Film
Producer: Dominik Beaulieu
Director: Simon Bouchard
Sound Production: Jean-Philippe Jourdain / Studio Expression