Look At Me

Samsung develops an app to help autistic kids.

Parents of children on the autism spectrum often struggle with helping their kids handle social interactions, but studies have shown that those children flourish when interacting with digital devices. Using that knowledge, Samsung has launched Look At Me, a free app available in the Google Play store. Look At Me uses a phone or tablet’s built-in camera to gamify things like making eye contact, recognizing emotions and mimicking facial expressions in a colourful, kid-friendly interface.

The video above not only shows the issues and concerns parents have for the long-term wellbeing of their children, but how the app can help improve their social skills. Developed by agency Cheil Worldwide, in partnership with researchers from Seoul National University and Yonsei University, the app was initially launched in South Korea at the end of last year and is now making its way to other countries (in Canada, families with children on the autism spectrum can apply to receive one of 200 Galaxy S tablets pre-loaded with the app, which Samsung is donating in partnership with Autism Speaks).


Brand: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Worldwide