Soccer for the homeless

A doc showing the positive impact of Street Soccer Canada.

Since 2004, Street Soccer Canada has been giving those living in shelters and on the street a positive outlet through organized soccer games in 12 cities across the country. But like any non-profit organization, it is always looking for more support from donors and sponsors, even though it has been around since 2004 and has chapters in 12 cities across the country. To help get the word out, Toronto-based branding and design firm Parcel not only gave the organization a new website, but also created a mini-documentary for the organization.

The doc tells the story of the team’s coaches and players as they headed to Santiago, Chile last year to play against teams from similar organizations in other countries in the Homeless World Cup and how the organization gave them the motivation and confidence to take the next step in improving their lives. Branded documentaries might have been a bit of a fad last year, but when they include stories as impactful as these, it only makes sense to hear them right from the subjects’ mouths.


Brand: Street Soccer Canada
Agency: Parcel
Director & Writer: Richard Fitoussi
Creative Director: Jim Ryce