Dancing is not permitted here: a doc on NYC's subway subculture.
subway dancing2

We get why officials and citizens might want to rid subway cars of dancing. As they’ve become more and more crammed as people move into NYC, there’s an increasing chance of someone getting hurt by flinging arms and legs as a pack of insanely talented dancers in the city’s subway bust some moves (as if they don’t have enough rubbing elbows to contend with). But, oh wow, do these dancers put on a killer show. Sadly, the chances of seeing them perform have diminished, now that New York has criminalized and effectively banned dancing in subways. This documentary, called Litefeet by Scott Carthy, shows us a glimpse of the subway life that once was, and will probably never be again — to the dismay of some of us non-New Yorkers who wish they had the chance to see these guys in person.


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