The Portrait Project

Twenty2b documents the less-extreme triumphs of women.

We’ve all seen surfing, skateboarding and skydiving videos, extracted from a tiny camera that’s hidden somewhere on the daredevil who’s jumping out of planes, braving the ocean and doing flips in the air with a wooden board. But what about the everyday activities at work or home? What about capturing the not-so-extreme, but rather the successes and struggles of a regular Jane?

The Portrait Project, an initiative led by Canada and UK-based design agency Twenty2b, has set out to do just that with its Drift Stealth 2 wearable camera. The agency gave five women from different parts of the world, including Canada, a Drift camera and asked them to document their work, lifestyle and most vulnerable moments to videos that will be released each week until Feb. 9.¬†Drew Henson, founder of Twenty2b describes the project as being at “the centre of technology and art” with the stories of art and passion being documented by cameras designed by the agency.