Twitter trolls, if you don't have something nice to tweet...

Of all the social media channels on the interweb, Twitter takes the award for bringing the worst out of people. The platform is, sadly, rife with bullies and mis-directed anger and April Reimer (Toronto Maple Leafs’ player James Reimer’s wife) has decided to douse Twitter trolls with kindness in her campaign called #TweetSweet. She’s hoping to stop the madness by asking people to tweet something sweet, instead of something sour, at fellow Twitterers. The idea came after being viciously harassed by hockey fans after her husband’s team was playing poorly in the playoffs (as if she was to blame). That being said, April is also giving out “sweet seats” to Tweeters for Toronto home games for the remainder of the hockey season. So remember, as moms of millennials might say… if you don’t have something nice to tweet, then don’t tweet anything at all.

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