Sharing the Super Bowl

Newcastle turns marketing a team into a sport.

After a campaign last year that mocked Super Bowl ads with the spots it would have made “if [it] had the money, talent and permission” to do so, it appears that Newcastle is taking aim at the big game again. Even though the ad doesn’t say so directly, “blowing” millions of dollars on 30 seconds of airtime can only refer to one event, so the beer co is looking for 20 to 30 other brands that want to get in on the (financially questionable) action.

In an online spot produced by Droga5, a spoof of the typical hyper-patriotic beer ad plays before Aubrey Plaza shows up to sarcastically discuss the marketing benefits small brands can reap by joining the cause. It’s hard to tell if Newcastle is serious about getting around Anheuser-Busch’s national rights deal by pursuing a regional buy with its new compatriots during the game, or if they’re just playing the concept for ironically detached laughs (Or both? It’s probably both.)

In other attempts to subvert the hype around advertising during the big game, Newcastle also produced an ad disguised as a (failed) entry for a certain snack chip brand’s Super Bowl contest.


Brand: Newcastle Brown Ale
Agency: Droga5