Thinking twice

Children of the Street opens parents' eyes to predators online.

Young people today are more connected than ever before and a consequence of that is being very aware of what they are sharing at such a fast pace, and with whom. One in five children are sexually solicited online, with 75% of those kids never telling their parents. Children of the Street, a British Columbia-based non-profit dedicated to preventing exploitation of youth, knows this. So they teamed up with Cossette Vancouver (the agency behind last year’s “Just One Photo” campaign, see below) to create a new video that shows that what may look like innocent behaviour online might not be so innocent. The spot is uncomfortable, but surely that’s the point. Hopefully, it will make parents realize these are conversations they need to be having with their kids.

Brand: Children of the Street
Agency: Cossette Vancouver
Creative Director: Michael Milardo
Associate Creative Director: Lisa Lebedovitch
Art Director: Lisa Lebedovich
Copywriter: Cameron Spires
Director of Brand Services: Anne Buch
Brand Supervisor: Robin Russell
Director: Philip Jarmain
Editor: PostPro Media