Over the top

Samsung goes full-on artistic... for headphones.

So, honestly, we’re not totally sure what to think about this one.

For its new Circle Gear headphones, Samsung pulled out all the stops, hitting levels of over the top artsy-fartsyness. A slim man sits on his side in his spacious home, fireplace crackling behind him. He breaks apart the Bluetooth-enabled headphones and a beautiful dancer breaks away from his body, flying into the air. As the young man puts the headphones in his ear, the dancer flies back in, and in an airy breath, tells him that he’s received a message on his phone: “Hi there.” They then fly into the air and intertwine bodies, just as the Circle Gear easily joins back together around yours. And all of it is in greyscale.

All of it is definitely, definitely a little too much if the company is just trying to play up the Circle Gear’s admittedly sleek design and how easy it is to carry with you through your day. But what if that’s the point? Maybe this is a parody of other over the top ads from design-obsessed product makers? Your guess is as good as ours, so let us know what you think in the comments below.


Brand: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Worldwide