Violating rights

Match tell us how leaving the house lands some women in jail.

Match International Women’s Fund is a granting organization that funds various international efforts to better women’s rights in other countries. To help motivate potential donors, design and branding agency Fish Out Of Water helped Match highlight the everyday activities and choices women in Canada might take for granted, but can be life-changing risks in some areas of the world. The campaign will also feature some stunt tactics in coming weeks (focusing primarily on Toronto and Ottawa), distributing what look like regular parking/driving tickets, but instead show how things like wearing pants, leaving the house or watching sports can lead to prison, corporal punishment or death.



Brand: Match International Women’s Fund
Agency: Fish Out Of Water
Photography: Matthew Plexman Photography
Video: Motion by Design
Media Planning: Cairns O’Neil Strategic Media Inc.
Sound mixing: VO2 Mix Audio Post
Printing: Annan & Sons Printing and Clockwork Productions