Mitey stuffed crust

Pizza Hut knows you hate its Vegemite grub, and it doesn't care.
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The most brilliant ads come from the ones that can make fun of themselves. Remember the British Marmite spot that won in Cannes for sending troops to rescue discarded bottles of the beefy toast spread? Well, here’s another “we don’t care if you hate our product, someone else probably does” spot, this time from Pizza Hut and Vegemite (the Australian equivalent to Marmite, but with veggie ingredients).

At a backpacker’s hostel, somewhere, Pizza Hut asks travellers from all over the world to try its new Vegemite crusted pizza. Judging from the faces and reactions of the taste testers, the pizza is bloody awful. To everyone, except for the Australian bunch, of course. We’re not from down under, but we can feel the sense of pride from over here (a feeling brands, like Molson, have pulled out of Canadians a few times before).


Brand: Pizza Hut Australia