One crazy night

Eclipse Mints shows you don't need booze for a night of fun.

I know we wish we could all forget the last two sequels to The Hangover, but remember how hard you laughed at the first movie? How much fun it seemed to have one crazy night, meeting new people and doing things you wouldn’t dare to in the daylight hours? A joint effort between DDB’s offices in Sydney, Australia and Guangzhou, China aims to recreate that feeling in a new spot for Wrigley’s Eclipse mints. The campaign hopes to show you don’t always need irresponsible amounts of alcohol for a group of friends to meet up and go on an adventure through the night.


Brand: Eclipse Mints/Wrigley Asia Pacific
Creative Agency: DDB Group Guangzhou, DDB Sydney
Regional Creative Director: Andy Fackrell
Creative Team: James Sexton, Harry Towle
Regional Business Director: Phil Romans
Chief Strategy Officer: Tim Schlick
Senior Account Director: Wendy Zou
Senior Account Manager: Ophelia Lam
Producer: Brenden Johnson
Media Agency: MediaCom
TVC Directors: Damien Shadforth
Production Company: Sweet Shop