Skateboard school

Anomaly gets on board with a new educational experience.

Oasis Skateboard Factory is an alternative high school within the Toronto District School Board where at-risk youth that haven’t been helped by the traditional school system spend their days building a brand that designs skateboard decks, apparel, stickers and more. Far from being an all-day art school, the kids are earning high school credits as they learn everything needed to build a brand: creating and delivering pitches, forming a business plan, thinking of marketing concepts and maintaining professional relationships. To help with this, the school partnered with Anomaly Toronto two years ago, and the youth are guided through the brand-building process by a mentor from the creative agency.

On Jan. 23, OSF held “The Youth Are Revolting” at Anomaly’s offices, a combination pop-up shop/final exam/graduation celebration. Stimulant was there to give you a look at exactly what went on and how the program gives these kids the tools they need for their future.