Nieman Marcus’s (skinny) smart table

An interactive retail table for indecisive shoppers.

nieman marcus

It happens far too often for those indecisive shoppers who struggle to pull the trigger on a purchase. They walk into a store, find a shoe they like (though maybe not love) and walk away, thinking they’ll give it some thought when they’re back home. More often than not, the item is forgotten. Hesitancy wins yet again. And while it’s good to sleep on things,¬†Nieman Marcus wants to make sure it’s there when you wake up.

That’s just one of the perks of it’s latest invention, an interactive smart retail table that allows shoppers to browse through products in the store and then send a reminder right to their inbox for later review at home. The table was engineered in the retailer’s innovation lab, known as the iLab, and is now located in three major U.S. locations. But the best part is it’s aesthetic. It’s essentially a flat-screen Ultra HD 4K TV on a table, which can change colour to match the store’s colour scheme. It’s skinny and slick, and makes us feel like we’re on the set of a real-life Jetsons movie.