Burning calories for prizes

Edmonton turns a vending machine into an exercise machine.

Yes, another vending machine stunt. But this one makes people work a bit harder for the payoff. The City of Edmonton recently opened a new community centre in its Clareview neighborhood that offers multiple programs to help residents keep active. With “The Fit Finder,” agency partner Red invited kids in the community centre and commuters on Edmonton’s transit system to find the program that’s best for them. Using a touch video screen interface, users selected the prize they wanted most – from sports equipment to musical instruments to a health snack – and, instead of forking over spare change or scanning a passport, they had to do a corresponding exercise. Check out the looks from kids and adults alike as they stumble upon someone jumping rope for a hockey stick or freestyle dancing for a basketball.


Brand: City of Edmonton/Clareview Community Recreation Centre
Agency: Red
Creative Director: Dennis Lenarduzzi
Art Director: Christy Yaseyko
Copywriter: Katie Rolheiser
Account / Project Manager: Angus Gastle, Joshua Zarobiak
Video: Kelly Wolfert / Leven Creative