Lost no more

The Chilean Red Cross reconnects separated families.

Put your headphones on to get the full effect of this one. The Red Cross’ Reconnecting Family Links program aims to bring family members back together after they have been separated, be it by war in the Middle East or natural disasters in Chile and Haiti. In a new radio campaign developed by JWT Chile that drives awareness for the service, the stories of two lost family members play at the same time, one through the left speaker and the other through the right. The stories are nearly identical – save for their names, ages and, most tragically, where they are currently living – and shows that even when people seem so close, they can be worlds apart.


Brand: Chilean Red Cross
Agency: JWT Chile
Creative Directors: Leo Farfán, Felipe Porte, Pablo Herrera
Copywriters: Felipe Porte, Pablo Herrera
Sound: Productora Musical Clio