Tennis/art practice

Now that's precision. Milos Raonic makes art for Canada Goose.

Were you one of those kids that would take a paint brush (or your fingers) and just flick paint at a piece of paper, calling it art? This one’s for you. Canada Goose took Canadian tennis superstar Milos Raonic, slapped a pair of coveralls on him and had him fire paint-soaked tennis balls at the giant canvas in front of him. As unlikely as it might seem, we’ll give you one guess as to what the finished product looks like.


Brand: Canada Goose
Production: Notch Video
Director/Producer: Ian Buck
Producer: Ayesha Basi
1st AD: Dylan Pouliot
DP: Mark Peachey
Art Director: Gemma Warren
Sound Recordist: Adam Clark
Gaffer: Ryan Williams
Key Grip: Luke Gordon
Editor: Dylan Pouliot
Colourist: Mauri C De Haro