Polifiller cuts the drivel

This site has "zero tolerance" for cliches in politicians' speeches.

screen shot 2015-02-09 at 3.21.49 pmWe’ve heard it all, more than once. Politicians can be walking cliches sometimes and now a new website, created by Houston PR┬áin the U.K., is determined to rid the world of dull banalities some insist on repeating in their speeches.

The Polifiller invites the public and politicians alike to copy and paste speeches onto the site and watch as it eradicates any and all hackneyed terms from the text. It then gives the speech two scores. The “filler count” is the number of fluffy phrases used in the speech and the “switchoffeter” percentage measures the chances that a listener, you guessed it, will switch off. Now if only there was a sister tool for the marketers. Can we remove “surprise and delight” from our vocabulary already?