50 shades of awkward

Audi spoofs its role in Grey-mania.

We’ve been bombarded with 50 Shades of Grey tie-ins and spoofs recently, but this one for Audi makes a lot of sense. In the novel, one of the main characters gives another an Audi A3 to establish their relationship (which this writer swears he had to Google to find out). Rather than be the butt of bondage jokes ahead of the film adaptation’s release this weekend, Audi got ahead of it. Enlisting SNL star Vanessa Bayer as a determined fan, agency Venables Bell & Partners spoofs the infamous elevator scene (again, from Google) and has Bayer desperately attempt to recreate some of the acts described in the book (all of this from Google, promise). It culminates in Bayer also trying to get a guy’s A3, all of which shows Audi isn’t ashamed of being associated with the sensation (and no, we’re not just pointing that out to convince ourselves that we shouldn’t be ashamed either).


Brand: Audi
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners