Spicing up your delivery order

Just Eat makes waiting for food a tantalizing task.


Canadian food-ordering service Just Eat says Valentine’s Day is their second-busiest night of the year, which makes sense when you think about it. If you’re single, why would you want to have that rubbed in your face by being surrounded by smiling couples at every restaurant in town? Even if you’re not,┬ámaybe you and your one true love are meant for each other because you’re both homebodies, but still want to order something special. But in either case, that time between order and arrival can be a problem. That extra time wondering when your pad thai will arrive could kill the mood with your partner, or give you one moment too many to dwell on how truly lonely you actually are.

Just Eat has you covered either way with 13 Spicy Nights. Between 6 to 10 p.m. every night between Feb. 2 and the big day, Just Eat and agency partner Jam3 have been putting on live broadcasts (like the one pictured above) for users after they order. In the spirit of the season, they’ve featured everyone from relationship counselors to sexologists to bondage specialists to Tindr experts (so there’s still hope for the single folks), all of which can be found on the website if you miss it.

And they’re giving out $69 gift vouchers throughout each night because, of course they are.


Brand: Just Eat
Agency: Jam3