Don’t selfie and drive

Volkswagen shows that nothing ruins a photo like a car crash.

Have you ever seen a friend take a selfie behind the wheel of their car and not only wondered how they managed to pull that off, but why they would risk doing something so dangerous just because the light was hitting them at a particularly great angle? Well, so has Volkswagen. In a new print campaign running in Mexico and developed by DDB, the car brand reminds you that no one looks good after they’ve been in a car crash, so pay attention to the road.


Brand: Volkswagen
Agency: DDB Mexico City
Chief Creative Directors: Hernan Ibarra, Walter Aregger
Creative Director / Copywriter: Raul Pineda
Art Director: Antonio Cue
Production Company: Estudio base
Producer: Ezequiel Schnabel
Post-producer: Juan Pulido