Go ahead, eat the snow

Kokanee uses extreme methods to brew beer.

Beer brand Kokanee went to the top of seven Canadian mountains to collect the perfect, crisp, clean snow in order to brew its limited edition Peak Brew. And it would be a waste to do all that work and not get it on camera, right? In a series of branded docs, agency Grip followed Kokanee as they went to great lengths and used some extreme methods to get the white stuff, from skydiving to using dynamite to facing the legend of mythical creatures.


Brand: Kokanee
Agency: Grip
Creative Director: Scott Dube, Randy Stein
Writer: Dane Boaz
Art Director: Juan Torres
Producer: Chantel Brinkman
Production House: Sherpas Cinema
Director: Eric Crosland
Executive Producer: Malcolm Sangster
Edit House: Grip Sound and Picture
Editor: Ralph Floro
Editor: Ben Badger
Audio Engineer: Paul Seeley
Designer: Rob Wigington
Designer: Pia Nummi
Designer: Lora LeClair
Designer: Michael Corpuz
Designer Jill Brown
Designer: Olivia Harrison
Senior Print Producer: James Graham
Print Producer: AJ Merrick
Print Producer: Kendra Plantt
3D artist: Jody Wagner
Account Director: Martin McClorey
Account Coordinator: Jacqueline Marcuzzi
Content Strategist: Patrick Tomasso
Vice President of Marketing, Labatt: Kyle Norrington
Director of Marketing, Labatt: Todd Allen
Brand Manager, Labatt: Candy Lee