Take your spot

Adidas launches a year-long campaign with the world's best.

What do more than two dozen of the world’s most famous athletes have in common? Adidas, apparently. In its new Sport 15 series featuring athletes representing a cross-section of different sports and countries, Adidas and agency 180 LA will be running a series of 15-second spots through the rest of 2015 on TV and online, with the brand’s regional social media accounts pushing the stars from their country. Each spot features an athlete encouraging younger athletes to step up and take their shot at greatness, while images from their own paths to success flash in the background. The first wave spotlights Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Canada’s own Andrew Wiggins, to name just a few (there’s currently 16 prime athletes telling their story on Adidas’ YouTube page, with many more to come).


Brand: Adidas
Agency: 180 LA