The lengths we go to for snacks

Doritos re-imagines a classic contest for the mobile age.

doritosholdoutWere you a fan of those old radio and TV contests that invited people to keep their hand on the side of a car and whoever could hold out the longest got to drive away with the prize? Well, Doritos and BBDO have adapted that idea for the mobile age. To promote the return of the super-Canadian Ketchup flavoured Doritos, the brand and agency BBDO has created a contest where contestants have to hold their finger on a digital bag of chips. Instead of having to fight off hunger or the need to use the restroom like in the old days, users have to fight off distractions that the game throws at them, including fake texts and phone calls. The winner gets a year supply of Doritos Ketchup, including the last bag ever produced in a fancy glass case…which, if you’re the type of person who’s willing to look at a bag of chips for that long, is something that’s likely right up your alley.


Brand: Doritos
Agency: BBDO