Now we’ve seen it all

Sex toy company Lelo just made an apocalyptic romance film.

The sex toy business must be doing really (really) well these days, given Lelo’s expansion into new creative territory. The company, which sells toys (like this bad boy) and lubricants, has moved outside the bedroom and potentially into people’s living rooms with a foray into filmmaking. You heard right. The company has just released a trailer for its first motion picture film, Beyond the Wave, which follows a man (actor Casper Van Dien – remember the guy from Starship Troopers?!) through a post-apocalyptic world in which men and women are divided. How the two are related is beyond us. But since we’re suckers for doomsday films, we’ll probably give this one a shot. And as if the idea of a sex toy company producing a film isn’t innovative enough, they’ve also gone ahead and created a digital interactive trailer that can only be viewed when two smartphone screens are placed side-by-side. As you might have guessed, it plays on the idea of people being divided, but coming together by working together. How sweet.