Cheaper than severance

Is that trip to Cannes really a vote of confidence?

We’re inching closer and closer to spring, and you creative types know what that means: petitioning your superiors to get tickets to the south of France for the Cannes Lions festival. And while many a staffer will tell their boss how helpful the inspiration at Cannes will be to their work, the festival is instead encouraging bosses to look to those who need professional development the most. In a new tongue-in-cheek campaign, agency McCann London is letting the ad world know that delegate passes for the festival are now available by reminding everyone that they’re cheaper than severance pay. Although it might seem a bit rude, the message the festival is trying to send to agency leaders is a good one: investing in developing your creatives (who work hard, try their best and were once exactly what you were looking for), is less expensive than abandoning them and simply cutting them loose.

(Also, now none of you will know what to think when that delegate pass lands on your desk.)


Brand: Cannes Lions Festival
Agency: McCann London