Go faster… and faster

Honda offers training in speed reading.

Honda says it pushes itself to continually improve. But, it also makes machines that go really, really fast, so its new campaign allows you to do both, right from your chair. The car company, along with agency Wieden + Kennedy London, have taken a cue from speed reading apps that take text and then display it on a screen one word at a time (essentially reducing eye movement and allowing people to read faster). As the ads go on, the text on the screen flashes by faster and faster. If, when the ads are done, you haven’t suffered extreme motion sickness and are up for a tougher speed-reading challenge, the spot links to a sped-up version that pushes you even closer to your limit…and then does it again in a third video, which takes the original 40-second spot and displays the text in half the time.


Brand: Honda
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London