Popping the big question

StickerYou helps get the words out.

For those of us with a touch of social anxiety, any question, no matter how important, can be a tough one to ask. StickerYou, a company that designs and creates slick, stylish stickers and labels, wants you to be a bit more adventurous and get outside of your comfort zone by being more direct with how you get the words out there instead. This video from BIG3 shows that cutting through the pre-amble and the big production means you can avoid having it (literally) blow up in your face.


Brand: StickerYou
Agency/Production Company: BIG3 Video Agency
Marketing Manager: Talya Prychodko
Director: Natalia Kantor
Cinematographer: Jan Keck
Scriptwriter: Star Spider
Sound Technician: James Belyea
Production Manager: Andrea Reid
Art Director: Vivian Choi