A sex toy for environmentalists

Wankband helps you to "love the planet, by loving yourself."

We gotta give it to Pornhub….the company is working its butt off to become a household name, even if only a minority of the family is interested in its services. Pornhub has done some innovative things in the market over the years, but this takes the cake, as the porn site has recently introduced to the world a new toy that gives back to its user in ways you might not expect. It’s called the “Wankband” and it’s wearable tech that uses the power of a man’s hand to power electronics. You see, the wristband is used during, erm, private moments, and as it’s being used in a rapid up-and-down motion (can you tell we’re thinking of all the ways to explain this, without actually having to say the words?), the device builds power that can then be used to charge smartphones, laptops, tablets or any other device so that you can continue your porn-viewing habit.