Damaged, but not useless

Waste not, want not. Moisson Montreal gives food a second life.


Community food non-profit Moisson Montreal relies on donations to do its work, distributing food to the less fortunate in the city. Agency Kamicase created this poster, which will be posted in food distribution centres around Montreal, to let people know they might have more donatable items than they actually realize. The message (which translates roughly to “My second life is also important”) says the little imperfections we sometimes find in our food don’t matter that much to everybody, especially those that need it the most.


Brand: Moisson Montreal
Agency: Kamicase
Clients: Marie-Claire Lynn, Claudine Verge
Creation and Copywriting: Mathieu Fortin, Marie-Eve Arsenault
Strategy: Marie-Eve Arsenault
Art Director: Kim Sareault, Philippe Fournier
Photography: Anthony P. Lortie, Louise Lemay, Studio PL2
Printing: André Thuot, Quadriscan