Happiness breaks the ice

Coca-Cola shows it can bring even the most hated rivals together.

Coca-Cola (carrying on the message of sharing happiness it started when it put names on cans and bottles as part of its “Share a Coke” campaign), along with Sid Lee and Mosaic, is showing that shared moments of happiness can break the barriers between two groups of people that dislike each other more than any other (we’re talking about fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, natch).

During the teams’ season-opener this year, a vending machine was set up in each competing city, with only a single button that needed to be pressed to get a free Coke. The catch? You don’t automatically receive the Coke, it’s actually dispensed in the other city. They can then use the direct video link on the front of the machine to help convince their counterparts to hit the button and return the favour. While that screen was also used for a healthy amount of trash talk, the fans’ humanity ultimately shone through, as both machines sold out of their stock.

(Oh, and if hockey’s not your thing, or you doubt whether a simple Coke could break through any rivalry, check out a similar campaign the company ran in Italy for the Inter and Milan football clubs.)


Brand: Coca-Cola Canada
Agency: Sid Lee
Experiential: Mosaic