Inside the mind of…Paddy Harrington

How design helped make Fogo Island Inn what it is today.

We’re thinking you’re probably (or at least should be) skimming your news feed for content to feed your thirsty mind. If you’re parched for a creative boost, put on your headphones and spend a couple minutes listening to the second of three mesmerizing speakers Stimulant caught up with last week at Brightworks’ Innovation Day. Keep your eyes peeled for Part III this Friday and don’t forget to check out Part I here.

Design can help you help yourself. You can do anything if you start with the design, says Paddy Harrington as he passionately describes how the discipline can be used as a tool to solve problems, but best of all, uncover the next big thing. Case in point, before Harrington owned his design studio Frontier, he worked as an ECD at Bruce Mau Design, and while he was there he led some of the agency’s most prominent clients, like Fogo Island Inn. As he describes in the video above, Harrington and his team at BMD helped brand, and even name, the inn when it opened, using design to bring a human connection to the luxurious hotel and reflecting the island’s resilient community. Target Communications has since built a full brand and communications platform in addition to a new visual identity.