These shoes were made for printing

...and charging. Two new technologies for your fancy feet.

feetz 1

These shoe companies featured at SXSW have a whole lotta sole (sorry).

First up, we have Feetz, an org that produces footwear using 3D printers — just like almost everything these days. We know what you’re thinking: printed shoes can’t possibly look good? Well, people thought the same about Crocs, but that didn’t stop millions of people from buying them. And Feetz sort of look like Crocs, and even have a similar purpose around creating happy feet. To make a pair of Feetz, the company invites you to take three (well-composed) shots of your bare paws and then, using its app, design and customize your new pair of clogs. This is then sent to the Feetz team, where they begin printing a pair of snug shoes, made specifically to fit your feet dimensions. It’s a really smart idea…until everyone has a printer at home and can do it without the help of a third party.


Second on the list of feet-friendly tech at the fest is Sole Power. This company’s product may seem clunky at first, but we predict it’ll just get smaller and more appealing as time goes on. Sole Power’s sole purpose is to give people the ability to charge mobile devices just by taking steps. It’s basically an insole that harvests feet energy, so every footstep you take, the closer you get to a full battery. The insole doesn’t take up too much real estate, but its companion, the PowerPac (which stores the power generated while walking) is a bit of a chunky eye-sore, but we can ignore that for now considering we’ve been looking for an excuse to stomp our feet more.