A pan that’s conscious of your cooking

Smartypan does almost everything for you.

Cooking is one of those things that, for some, can be a relaxing, therapeutic activity —¬†and for others, it’s a stressful, messy, break-down-and-cry undertaking (we won’t say which category we fall under). And while this new invention, Smartypan, can be a saviour for stress balls, it can also be a fun addition to a meticulous chef’s kitchen. The pan, featured at this year’s SXSW event, is a self-aware piece of cookware that can measure everything from the ingredients you put in to the amount of calories you will soon digest. It’s connected to an app, which also contains 350,000 recipes (you can add your own, too) and tracks in real-time exactly what’s inside its stainless steel bowel. Finally, a device to bark at us when we’ve gone heavy-handed on the olive oil (we’re only cheating ourselves, but still).